We receive referrals from a range of partner agencies, including Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE), Family Support hubs, and self-referrals are also welcome.

Once a referral is accepted to the service, an initial assessment is carried out.  This is to determine the family's needs and to develop a support plan which is person centered and goal focused.

If we are unable to provide this service to you, the reason will be explained and advice given, where possible, on alternative support services.

If you feel that you could avail of this service and wish to be considered, please contact us at or call us on 028 9075 2310.  Further homeless services information is also available from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Referral Process


  • Men and women with dependent children who:
    • Require support to maintain your independence and tenancy
    • Are willing to engage with the service and the support provided

Not Eligible:

  • Those with a recent history of violence and which is assessed as presenting a medium to high risk to service users and staff.
  •  Single persons or couples with no dependent children.
  • Those persons deemed to present a high risk for other reasons not specified above.

Ark Housing will provide the reason why any referral has not been accepted to the service user and to the referring agent. 

 Floating Support Referral Form