We are pleased to introduce our Tenant Participation Strategy 2017-22. It sets out how Ark Housing will involve tenants in the design, delivery and continuous improvement of our services over the next five years. We strongly believe that one of the most effective ways of improving services is to provide more opportunities for tenants to become actively involved in what we do. We were delighted to offer all tenants and key stakeholders an opportunity to participate in the development of this strategy and have incorporated their views and general observations into the final document.

This five year strategy sets out our ideas and aspirations in regards to tenant participation. It establishes a robust tenant involvement framework that will allow you to become involved in our business at whatever level you wish.

Involvement can mean as little as providing regular feedback to our Satisfaction Surveys or by becoming more involved in your local Resident’s Association.

You may also wish to register with us to be consulted on new policies which may affect you or you may simply wish to avail of more opportunities to express your opinion about how we deliver our services.

There are a number of engagement avenues open to you through this Strategy and we welcome you views and ideas.

Should you wish to discuss how you can become more involved in the work that we do, we would like to hear from you. Even the simplest idea could help improve our services.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tenant Participation Strategy 2017-2022