Money Week is an annual campaign to get people across the country thinking and talking about how they manage their money. The campaign is designed to increase people’s sense of financial wellbeing by encouraging them to open up about personal finance – from pocket money to pensions. It is an opportunity for people to have more open conversations about money. Talk Money Week 2020 takes place from the 9th-13th November.

Everyone has money worries – and for many, the event during 2020 have made these worse – but, just as you can take actions to improve your physical health, you
can take some simple steps to feel more in control of your financial wellbeing too. Research shows that people who talk about money:

  • make better and less risky financial decisions;
  • have stronger personal relationships;
  • help their children form good money habits for life;
  • feel less stressed or anxious and more in control.

Building money conversations into our everyday lives also helps us build financial confidence and resilience to face income shocks, life events and whatever the
future throws at us. Recent research carried out by the Money & Pensions Service shows that 35% of us in Northern Ireland have kept secrets from loved ones about credit
cards, loans and savings:

  • Over a third of people in Northern Ireland admit to keeping financial products secret;
  • People most likely to keep money secrets from their partner;
  • In the UK, millennials (25-34 year-olds) are the most secretive generation with three in five (59%) hiding money products

Getting Expert Support
To speak to an impartial expert for free guidance about your money and pensions, visit the following
websites and helplines:

Money Advice Service  Tel. No.  0800 138 7777
The Money Advice Service provides a range of money guides, tools and calculators to improve personal finances. Support available includes:
• printed guides, also available in Braille, large print and audio formats
• webchat
• WhatsApp
• telephone support,
• free debt advice over the phone and face to face through partner organisations.

Pension Advisory Service  Tel. No. 0800 011 3797
The Pension Advisory Service provides guidance for everyone on workplace and personal pensions. Support available includes:
• webchat and
• telephone support

Pension Wise  Tel. No. 0800 138 3944
The Pension Wise Service provides guidance for the over 50s with a workplace or personal pension. Support available includes:
• telephone support and
• face to face support

If your partner is controlling your money or running up debts in your name, you can find further resources and support on the Money Advice Service website:
Protecting Against Financial Abuse

There are numerous guides concerning talking about money. For guidance on kick-starting these conversations, see the Money Advice Service’s guides:

Take action to work through your money worries. Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control. It is knowing that you can pay the bills today, can deal with the unexpected, and be on track for a healthy financial future. In short: feeling confident and empowered.