88 – 90 Moyard Park,
BT12 7FT

Moyard House was constructed in the 1980s by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and was managed in partnership with the Daughters of Charity for over 20 years before Ark Housing became involved in November 2012. The services at Moyard House are funded by the Supporting People Programme.

Moyard House consists of 16 self contained apartments and is utilised as temporary accommodation provision for families with dependant children who are experiencing homelessness. Placement referrals emanate from the NIHE and Ark Housing’s Homeless Support team in conjunction with the out of hour’s Social Services Gateway Team and a myriad of partner organisations.

An initial assessment is carried out at interview stage. This is to determine whether or not we would be able to provide suitable accommodation to meet the needs of the service users. If we cannot, the reason will be explained to them and advice given, where possible, on alternative providers.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our residents obtain a permanent home as soon as possible. A Housing Support Officer is assigned to each family and they carry out an assessment of the service users’ support needs and deliver with them a person-centred support plan personalised to their families’ needs. Their Housing Support Officer will support and advise them and will sign-post them to other professional agencies if and when required. The assessment is flexible and will allow for regular periods of review of the residents’ needs and actions as required.

We aim to provide support, through regular contact, encourage independence and support families to be ready for when they move to their new home in the community.

We also offer a twelve week Resettlement/Community Support Service to the families. When accommodation is obtained and they move to their new home, we can continue to support them in developing and maintaining their independence in the community.

The accommodation comprises of:

5: Three bedroom, Five person apartments

11: Two bedroom, Three person apartments

Ark Housing recognises that it is only by working in partnership with others that improvements can be made to the lives of those suffering from the effects of homelessness. We provide professional assessment and support services by trained and experienced staff, which we can assist in the successful integration of families from supported accommodation into full integration into communities. Ark Housing recognises that there is now a greater need than ever to respond to homelessness in a coordinated multi agency approach as required in the legislation and for each partner to contribute their expertise and resources to promote social inclusion.


Ark Housing is committed to continuous improvement. We aim to establish ourselves as a centre of excellence and good practices in supporting families experiencing homelessness.

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[1] NIHE Homelessness Strategy for Northern Ireland (NIHE 2012 – 2017)